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Hello Bourbon band was just a dream...a happy accident, a side project gone wild. Midnight Vine had taken the Denver music scene by storm with the acclaimed "Jack" release which beautifully channeled the bands early influences, including The Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews Band and classic blues, jazz and folk. Despite this early success, band leader and singer-songwriter Ryan Fitzgerald was not satisfied. In 2012 a secret summer session involving hard-rocking veteran Denver musicians resulted in 3 breakout songs and there was no going back. The new music retained the sophisticated and seasoned guitar-driven melodies and tasty vocal hooks, but now swaggered with a fearsome rock and roll edge and snarling teeth evoking Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Wilco. The new sound was infectious, undeniable, unstoppable. We are proud to bring you into the fold:


Ryan Fitzgerald


Lead Singer, Songwriter, Electric and Accoustic Guitar


Donovan McGlynn


Lead Guitar, Background Vocals

Greg Johnson


Drums and Other Percussion-y Items, Background Vocals, and Comic Relief

Scott Knoll


Bass, Sound Guy Stuff


Carmen Bria


Lead Guitar, Background Vocals, Trucker Hat Fashionista

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